• Teams will be permitted to enter their assigned locker room 60 minutes before game time for team dressing, prep, skate tying, etc. Showers will not be available. 
  • Coaches will be responsible to supply a penalty box worker for all games.


  1. We request that all teams be dressed and prepared to start their games 10 minutes before the scheduled start time. Games can start as early as 10 minutes.


  1. USA Hockey rules will be used for all games including additions as amended herein.
  2. Period Lengths will be as follows:
    1. 2014-2012: 13-minute periods.
    2. 2011-2008/14U Girls: 15-minute periods.
    3. 15U: 18-minute periods, ice cut between the 2nd and 3rd period.
  3. No curfew clock for all tournament games.
  4. The following time management rules will be in effect for all games

    1. Timeouts will be permitted >1 timeout per team per game. 
    2. If 6 or more goals separate the teams at any time during the 3rd period, running time will commence for the remainder of the game.  The game reverts back to regular stop time for the remainder of the game if the differential closes back to 5 or less.
  1. The event director reserves the right to take any measure necessary to ensure completion of the event.
  2. The 216 Series has adopted a “zero tolerance policy” that involves a FULL EVENT SUSPENSION for any player, coach or spectator who gets removed from a game for verbal abuse of an official. Protocol for the coach in game will start with a warning, then proceed to a bench minor and finally a game misconduct. The 216 Series policy will then dictate that the coach be removed from further tournament play. There will be no discussion, appeal or recourse for any coach or spectator removed from a game for verbal abuse.  
  1. Use of ineligible players will disqualify the team from remaining event play. 
  2. All referee decisions are final and cannot be challenged or changed by the tournament director.
  3. Absolutely No outside food or drink is allowed inside ANY of our rinks


We abide by the NHL standard of Home teams will wear dark colored jerseys, Away teams are to wear white or light color jerseys. Teams with single jerseys please communicate your color to the other team in a timely fashion before the game. If same color jerseys apply, then Home team has first choice. Regardless, bring both sets of jerseys to each game.


Points System..(Where applicable, if re-seeding)

Points for games will be awarded as follows:


  1. 2 points for regulation win, 1 point for a tie.
  2. There is no overtime. Games can/will end in a tie.


TIE-BREAKER..(Where applicable, if re-seeding)

If two or more teams have an equal number of points, their positions in the standings shall be determined by the following tiebreaker formulas:

  1. Head to Head competition
  2. Most Wins
  3. Goal Differential (GF-GA)
  4. Most Goals For
  5. Fewest Goals Against