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    Cleveland Barons/Barons Arena

    Tryouts Protocol as of July 8, 2020

    As we progress through the reopening of the arena and allowing Barons teams and outside rentals to return to play, we are updating our current guidelines.

    The safety and health of anyone that enters the rink is our top priority and along with our staff we are asking that everyone self-evaluate before coming to the Arena. We ask that daily temperature checks are done prior to arrival. If anyone in your family is feeling ill or if there has been a possible exposure to COVID 19, we ask you to be overly cautious and stay home.

    All participants/spectators entering the rink must wear masks as mandated by the State of Ohio or entry will not be permitted unless under the age of 10. They must be worn at all times while in the arena until helmets are put on to go on the ice.

    All participants will be allowed one spectator or parent to come into the rink but must wear a mask at all times and practice 6-foot social distancing. Bleachers have been marked. Spectator/ parent must sit in the bleachers and not stand along the glass.

    Hand sanitizer will be at the door and all participants, players, family members and spectators entering are expected to use as they enter the building.

    We are not allowing use of showers at this time.

    Do not take valuables into locker rooms.

    All coaches will wear masks both on and off the ice.

    All locker rooms will be sanitized after every use as will restrooms and common touched surfaces.

    All are asked to bring their own water bottles and do not share with others.

    Tryout Specific Information:

    For the first tryout ice session for your age group - Check in will begin 45 minutes before your scheduled ice time however you may not enter the building until 20 minutes before (you will be told when it is okay to enter) in order to maintain limited numbers in the arena.

    Players will be asked to form a line without their gear for a temperature and health check with masks on and 6-foot social distancing at a table that will be set up outside the entrance. Players will receive their locker room assignment and tryout jersey color and number. Once permitted in the rink participants will get their gear, then proceed into the rink maintaining 6 feet social distancing and wearing masks and go directly to their locker room. The tryout jerseys will be on benches numbers up for players to easily find their designated space. This assigned seat will be yours throughout the tryout weekend. Masks are to remain on until fully dressed with helmet.

    Please remember to maintain 6-foot social distancing any time in the area as much as possible whether in gear or not in gear.

    When ice session is complete, we ask that all players and parents exit the building within 20 minutes of your completed ice time in order to maintain low numbers in the rink at as much as possible. Make sure to take all gear so that locker rooms can be sanitized before the next use.

    All participants must sign our COVID waiver - If you have not done so, please make sure you do before arrival to the rink.

    This protocol and waiver link can also be found on our website at  

    Thank you,

    Cleveland Barons Staff

    The Cleveland Barons Elite Development Program

    Since 1996, the Cleveland Barons Organization has helped developed some of the top hockey talent in the country with over 160+ NCAA Division I alumni and 19 NHL draft picks. Today, we continue our strong development model by fielding multiple teams, at different playing levels — Barons Elite, Barons Black and Lady Barons — at almost every age level. The Barons Elite teams play in the Tier 1 Elite League, where as the Barons Black and Lady Barons teams play an independent, competitive schedule tailored for each particular team. Regardless of team, we teach all of our Barons boys and girls to play with passion, dignity, and tenacity, so they can someday reach their hockey goals. In the words of the late, great Barons Coach Tim Alexander, “We are going to make you do things you don’t want to do, so that you can become the player you want to be.”

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