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2018-19 Season - Team Pictures

By Cleveland Barons, 08/29/18, 9:00PM EDT


Team Pictures!

Team Pictures have been scheduled and posted to your team calendars. The schedule is also listed below. 

All players should be ready to go with pictures forms in hand at the time of their scheduled start. All players should be in full equipment wearing the head coach's choice of game jersey/socks. For teams that have pictures following practice, there is enough time allowed for players to come off the ice, cool off and clean up. All players will take individual shots and then are free to go. There are not actual full team pictures as the team pictures are individually pieced together. 

All COACHES should be present and presentable to take a photo for the team picture and head shot for the website and team boards, if a coach is not present to take a photo, they will not be in the team picture.  A full team should be in and out within about 45 minutes as long as all are coordinated properly. Team Managers should be present to help with coordination!

Lady Barons U10/U12 Teams - there are 3 picture days available to accommodate as many players as possible who want to get photos taken. Players will need to let the photographer know what specific team they are so they are correctly noted.

Picture Forms - we are working on getting a PDF copy of the form so that parents can view it and be prepared ahead of time. NOTE: Players cannot get lined up without their form as pictures are individually taken.

At this time there is not a makeup day scheduled for pictures. All players should attend their assigned day. In the event a player can absolutely not make their assigned day and time, please contact your Team Manager.

Please note: We are aware that there is some overlap with dryland training times, we are doing out best with full coordination of all of our teams - including watching and accommodating around travel schedules!

  2009 BLACK 40 4-Sep TUESDAY 6:00
  2008 BLACK 45 4-Sep TUESDAY 6:40
  GIRLS U14B 45 4-Sep TUESDAY 7:40
  GIRLS U14E 45 6-Sep THURSDAY 6:00
  GIRLS U10/U12 30 6-Sep THURSDAY 6:45
  2007 BLACK 45 6-Sep THURSDAY 7:15
  2005/2004 BLACK 40 6-Sep THURSDAY 8:00
  2010 ELITE 45 10-Sep MONDAY 5:30
  U15 45 11-Sep TUESDAY 7:30
  GIRLS U10/U12 45 10-Sep MONDAY 6:15
  2006 ELITE 45 10-Sep MONDAY 7:00
  2004 ELITE 45 10-Sep MONDAY 7:30
  2007 ELITE 45 10-Sep MONDAY 7:45
  U16 45 11-Sep TUESDAY 5:00
  2009 ELITE 45 11-Sep TUESDAY 5:30
  U18 45 11-Sep TUESDAY 6:10
  GIRLS U10/U12 45 11-Sep TUESDAY 6:15
  2005 ELITE 45 11-Sep TUESDAY 6:55
  2008 ELITE 45 11-Sep TUESDAY 7:30